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Ultimate Guide to the Meaning of Rose Colors

When searching the web to learn about the meaning different colors of roses symbolize, we realized that many "guides" don't explain many shades compared to what is out there. Our guide covers double the amount of colors as the most robust, prominent guide we found.  This guide is best read while viewing these amazing rose bouquets int another window from one of our favorite shops that has the best quality and gifting experience. 

With the large array of colorful roses at many florists and some grocery stores, you may be wondering...

What's the Meaning of Different Colored Roses?

While you may think a classic red rose is perfect for your first date, a different color may actually convey your feelings better. The truth is that there are at least 24 shades of roses, each with their own meaning. Learn about each shade here, and how to know which will be the most appropriate gift for that special someone.

Single Colors

  • Black

     Sometimes used at funerals, black roses are symbolic of death and mourning. While they have a sad meaning, there is also a positive message; they can stand for new beginnings and big changes, and inspire confidence because of their ability to bring hope and courage. Though a black rose does seem dark and negative, these flowers can actually really make a positive impact.

  • Blue

     Blue roses tend to represent the impossible and mystery. If you're giving a blue rose to someone, you're showing them that they are unique and extraordinary. Roses don't actually grow in a blue color because of genetic limitations. Sometimes, blue roses can be used to symbolize secret love that may be unattainable. Due to this, they're perfect for strong, independent people that are confident in themselves.

  • Burgundy

    Burgundy roses are strong in their meaning: unconscious beauty. Burgundy is a true deep red color that will represent your passion and desire for whoever you give them to. When you give someone a single beautiful burgundy rose or even a bouquet, you are letting them know you're very passionate for them, showing an even stronger connotation than that of the red rose.

  • Cherry Brandy

    The unique cherry brandy rose is a great all-in-one choice. The gratitude and intense passion of the orange hues helps to let someone know you're all about them, and only them. When the orange is paired with the friendship and joy in the yellow hues, you're able to let people know you're grateful for them in more than one way. If you're looking to show someone you care about them and won't abandon them, a cherry brandy rose is a great choice.  Our choice -> This bouquet called Free Spirit

  • Coral

    The intense coral color of this rose represents energy, fiery desire, and fascination. The bright coral hue of these flowers is the perfect way to let someone know of your admiration for their spirit. It's also a great pick to let others know that you're proud of them in general. A beautiful bouquet of these is sure to give your love life a burst of energy.  Our choice -> This bouquet called Summerscape

  • Cream

    Cream colored roses have a thoughtfulness and charm about them that will really tell someone you're thinking of them, and show how much they mean to you. If you're sending a bouquet to someone sick or in need, then a cream colored bouquet may be your best choice. They have an eloquent feel and are a special rose to send.  Our choice -> This bouquet called Marshmallow Cloud

  • Dark Pink

    A graceful dark pink bouquet of roses symbolizes appreciation and gratitude. It's a traditional way to say thank you. Deeper than a traditional pink rose, the dark pink hue can show your recognition in a special way. Since it is also a pink rose, it has the connotation of sweetness and romance. If you're looking to give someone a special thank you for their help, a dark pink bouquet of roses is one of the most unique gifts to do just that.  Our choice -> This bouquet called Unconditional

Dark pink rose, sitting next to orange shade

  • Green

    Green is a classic color that represents richness, fertility, and abundance. Gifting a bouquet of green roses shows cheerfulness and your excitement for new beginnings. Since green is found in nature, these roses symbolize the rejuvenation of life and spirit. A bright green rose is the perfect flower to show others you think positively about their future.  Our choice -> This bouquet called Lemonade

Green roses inside mixed shade bouquet

  • Lavender

    Because of lavender's soft hue, a rose of this color represents love at first sight or even enchantment. People that are in love or adore their partners and family members will find a lavender rose to be the perfect symbol to show their true feelings.  Our choice -> This bouquet called Lavendaria de Cali

    Lavender roses sitting in mixed color bouquet
    • Light Pink

      A light pink rose is the epitome of grace, gentleness, and joy. By the very nature of their color, these roses also can stand for femininity, elegance, and sweetness. Because of this, a light pink rose bouquet is one of the best floral choices you can give to show someone you're happy for them and admire them.  Ourchoice -> This bouquet called Summer Love

    Light pink rose, sitting next to lavender shade

    • Lilac

      The light purple color of a lilac rose can show someone your intentions for the future. This can essentially show your partner that you're starting to develop real feelings, and that you can't wait to spend more time together and make the relationship blossom.  Ourchoice -> This bouquet called Sweet Lavender

    • Orange

      Since orange is a mixture of yellow and red, the orange rose represents a combination of each of these meanings. Orange is certainly a vibrant color, so this color of rose represents the happiness someone puts in your life and how much they mean to you. An orange bouquet of roses takes the pure love represented by a red rose, and the gratitude for friendship that yellow symbolizes. These unique orange roses are a great way to tell someone you're proud of them.  Ourchoice -> This bouquet called Super Bloom

    • Pale Peach

      A pale peach rose represents modesty. A pale shade of peach is a very innocent color, so it shines through in the meaning of the flower. These light-colored roses are perfect for young girls when you truly want to show appreciation for them.  Ourchoice -> This bouquet called Love You Forever

    • Peach

      A peach-colored rose is sweet, and conveys sincerity and gratitude. It also represents the genuineness of your feelings. These flowers are great for saying "thank you," and a thoughtful way to show sympathy for a friend or family member.  Ourchoice -> This bouquet called Love You Forever

    • Pink

       The classic pink rose is certainly a bright and gorgeous flower, and it is very versatile because of its ability to give many important messages. A bouquet of these is a true token of appreciation and deep admiration. Whether you're giving it to your significant other or your family member, this sweet rose will convey your feelings of love toward them in the purest way.   Ourchoice -> This bouquet called The Angels

    • Purple

      A beautiful, rich purple rose is definitely not something you see everyday. An enchanting purple rose is also known as the "mystical rose." This flowers gives off special meanings like royalty and majesty. The lighter colors of purple represent love at first sight. A deep purple rose is perfect when you want to show someone you look up to them, or value their opinions.  Ourchoice -> This bouquet called Sweet Lavender

    • Red

      The classic red rose is timeless, elegant, and for many, a favorite flower. Its vibrant red color stands for passion, desire, and romance. It's definitely the traditional rose to express your love, but definitely not for a family member. A rich red rose can show someone you're ready to commit to them, you trust them with your whole heart, and you deeply respect them in a special way. The popular red rose remains one of the best flowers to express the ultimate form of gratitude and adoration.  Ourchoice -> This bouquet called Always

    • Salmon

      Salmon roses have a pinker hue than orange roses do. Because of this, they convey a message of excitement and enthusiasm. A salmon rose will convey appreciation and admiration in an innocent way. If you're looking to tell someone how you truly feel and how much better they've made you become, salmon roses are the way to go.  Ourchoice -> This bouquet called The Angels

    • White

      White roses, along with red roses, are some of the most popular on the planet. The ethereal nature of the white rose evokes the question "what do white roses mean?" This beautiful white rose indicates purity, so it's perfect for a wedding bouquet. White roses represent unity and show the innocence of new love. The color white also associates this flower with honor, which makes it an appropriate flower for a funeral or saying goodbye to a loved one.    Ourchoice -> This bouquet called Hollywoodland

    White rose next to blood orange rose

    • Yellow

      Yellow in its very nature is a bright and cheery color. Therefore, yellow roses are the perfect flowers to give when you're looking to convey pure joy, happiness, and appreciation toward another person. These flowers are great because they represent all positive feelings without the romantic context. So if you're looking to show gratitude at the office or even at school, these flowers are perfect to brighten the mood.  Ourchoice -> This bouquet called Summer Love


    • Rainbow

      Rainbow roses are definitely not something you see everyday. The unique opportunity of a rainbow bouquet gives you all the meanings you need in one. For example, the yellow parts of the petal represent pure happiness, while the pink parts stand for true love, and the purple parts give special meanings of royalty. Because of a rainbow rose's versatility, these are the perfect flowers to give when you have a lot to say!  Ourchoice -> This bouquet called Exuberance

    • Yellow with Red Tip

       A yellow rose with a vibrant red tip is a beautiful flower to give when you're looking for something one of a kind. The yellow represents the vibrancy of your love and the red represents passion. A red-tipped yellow rose is also great for giving that message of happiness, all while reinforcing the love you have for that individual.  Ourchoice -> This bouquet called Fortified


    If you want to convey many emotions in one bouquet, it's smart to find colors with symbols that complement each other beautifully. For example, if you pair a lilac rose with a dark pink rose, it shows someone that you're thankful for them and that you can't wait to have them in your future. If you're having a hard time picking which roses to give to that special someone, remember that you can mix and match flowers as much as you'd like!

    • Red and White

      A mixture of the two most passionate roses, red and white roses are some of the most special roses you can give. The red and white complement each other beautifully. The red hues represent love in its purest form, and the white helps to reinforce the innocence and unity of your commitment to someone else. These red and white flowers are especially appropriate when you want to show that special someone how much they mean to you, especially when you've known each other for a long time.

    • Red and Yellow

      Similar to the red-tipped yellow rose, a red and yellow rose equally incorporates feelings of love with vibrancy and enthusiasm. The yellow helps to represent the sun, the giver of all life and a symbol of happiness, and the red explains the deep passion of your feelings. These uniquely pigmented, yet beautiful roses are ideal when you're looking to tell someone that you love them with all of your heart and they make you the best version of yourself.  Ourchoice -> This bouquet called Fortified

    Red and yellow rose sitting in mixed bouquet

    Which to Choose For Your Significant Other?

    With so many roses of different hues to choose from, it may be difficult to find the right rose for your special someone.

    So next time you're at the florist's office or grocery store, keep in mind the feeling you're trying to convey and how you want it to be represented. If you're feeling appreciative and excited for what's to come, try out a green rose. If you're feeling happy to have someone in your life, a yellow rose might just be perfect for your recipient.

    A uniquely colored rose like a rainbow is a great choice the inexperienced; a rainbow or red and white rose may help to weave together several feelings you're trying to convey. Keep in mind that's it's also possible to win over your loved one, especially if they are a man, with unique choices you might not be aware of like flowers for men such as Bacon Rose Bouquets from The Manly Man Company®. 

    A beautiful bouquet of roses is still one of the purest and most loving ways you can show your gratitude for your spouse, significant other, family member, friend, or coworker that's been doing a great job lately. Get creative with your bouquet choice today!

    Masculine Flowers for Weddings

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