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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Shipping Information

Do You Deliver On Weekends And Holidays?

What Shipping Partners Do You Use?

My Package Didn't Arrive On Time, What Can I Do?

Can You Ship To APO/FPO/DPO Addresses?

Where Do You Ship?

Can I Deliver To A Business Address?

Can You Ship To A Hotel?

Can You Ship To A Hospital?

How Much Is Shipping?

Calculate Delivery Times

Do You Offer Same Day Delivery?

General Questions

Where Are You Based?

What Are Your Business Days And Hours?

Does Someone Need To Sign For My Delivery?

How Can I Sign Up To Your Email Newsletter?

What if I Received A Bouquet Without A Note? How Do I Find Out Who Sent It?

My Item Arrived Damaged

Do You Include A Receipt in The Box?

How Do I Apply A Discount Code?

Ordering and Payment

I Entered a Promotional Code, But I Didn’t Get a Discount. Now What Do I Do?

How To Buy?

I Didn’t Get A Confirmation. How Can I Know You Got My Order?


Do You Accept Returns?

Product Questions

What Does The "Best by Date" Mean?

Do Your Products Have To Be Refrigerated?

Can The Jerky Be Left Out On Display?

What Is The Small White Packet In My Jerky Bag?

Bacon Roses

What Are The Ingredients in The Chocolate Covered Bacon Roses ?

How Long Do The Bacon Roses Last?

Beef Jerky Bouquets

How Many Ounces Of Jerky Are In Each Jerky Bouquet?

What Are The Ingredients in The Original Beef Jerky Bouquet?

What Are The Ingredients in The Teriyaki Beef Jerky Bouquet?

What Are The Ingredients in The Hot Beef Jerky Bouquet?

How Long Do The Beef Jerky Bouquets Last?

Do Your Bouquets Contain Nitrites?

Do They Contain Gluten?

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