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Our press kit offers assets located below that we hope provide everything needed to feature our products from The Manly Man Company and our non-manly brand Awesome Gifts Co., including: our origin story, logo, product photos, and videos. Don't hesitate to reach out at with requests for any other items or interviews to make your job easier.

What we offer

We make maped candied Bacon Jerky Roses dipped in dark chocolate and bouquets of Beef Jerky Flowers that are 100% edible, that are sealed and packaged in a custom branded box designed to enhance the experience when our bouquets shipped in pint glasses or beer mugs slide out and also to protect flowers during shipment.

We started this venture to solve a problem... there aren't any great guy gifts for all those occasions where flowers are appropriate but you need something manlier!   At some point on our quest to solve this problem the light bulb went off and our creation was born.... probably might have something to do with our brainstorm session snack choices of beer and jerky!

We thought our idea was cool... and a little bit crazy, which made it perfect!  We knew we liked it but never thought we would get as much attention and love for our products as we have received.  Our customers are incredible!!  We absolutely love our customers and that they have chosen us to help win their special gifting moments!!

Origin Story

The idea for the Manly Man Company came to Greg Murray after a simple conversation with his wife, for whom he had recently bought a bouquet of flowers: Why isn’t there a gift for men that’s equivalent to flowers? Yes, you can buy men flowers, but the practice isn't what you might call commonplace. The couple speculated that a bouquet of beef jerky might be the perfect stand-in. Soon after his wife surprised Greg with the very first iteration of what is now called “Man Bouquets”—sticks and sheets of jerky carved into the shape of flowers and roses, and presented inside a beer mug. Thus, the Manly Man beef jerky bouquets were born.

In January 2019 they launched a non-manly brand called Awesome Gifts Co., in response to overwhelming requests for bouquets anyeone can be gifted.

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Press coverage
"Beef Jerky Roses from The Manly Man Company"
Live Broadcast Saturday Feb 2, 2019
Good Morning America - February 02, 2019
"Beef jerky bouquets from The Manly Man Company"
The perfect gifts for him and her this Valentine’s Day
Fox & Friends - February 09, 2019
"Although roses continue to be one of the top-selling Valentine's Day gifts, other bouquets are gaining in popularity: Think meaty ones made with bacon and beef jerky."
From bacon and beef jerky to breadsticks and pickles: Valentine's Day bouquets go wacky
USA Today - February 06, 2019
"Romance has never been so tasty."
Valentine's Day 'Flower' Bouquets That Aren't Made of Flowers
PARADE - February 07, 2019
"Beef jerky bouquet that actually looks like flowers."
From bacon to donuts, here are 10 unique edible bouquets that are perfect for Valentine's Day
INSIDER - February 04, 2019
"Nothing says I love you like a bouquet of… beef jerky."
Beef jerky bouquet is the Valentine's Day gift you didn't know you wanted — until now
YAHOO! - January 18, 2019
"Show that special person in your life just how much you really love them with this Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet & Beer Mug from The Manly Man Company!"
Show Your Love With A Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet
iHeart Radio - January 22, 2019
"If a dozen roses just won’t cut it for your special someone this Valentine’s Day, consider presenting them with a gift that looks as good as it tastes: a “brouquet” of beef jerky roses."
Dazzle your Valentine with a beef jerky rose 'broquet'
FOX News - January 19, 2019
"Prepare to be amazed by the most 2019 gift on the market: beef jerky bouquets"
In Peak 2019 News, Valentine’s Day Beef Jerky Bouquets Are Now a Thing
PureWow - January 30, 2019
"Any meat lover would go nuts over this beef jerky flower bouquet, but we have a feeling that guys will truly lose their minds for it."
Your Valentine Will Go Crazy Over This Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet
BEST Products - January 18, 2019
"A beef jerky "bouquet" is a great Valentine's Day gift for the meat-lover in your life."
Beef jerky bouquets are a thing and they're perfect for your meat-loving valentine
INSIDER - January 18, 2019
"The beef jerky bouquets have turned out to be a hit: People were putting in orders for Valentine’s Day as early as October, and they’ve now sold out."
The Story Behind the Company That Makes Beef Jerky Bouquets
Food & Wine - February 08, 2018
"If you man isn't into Valentines Day... he might be into this."
Now thissss is a bouquet I’d like to be surprised with.
Diply - February 14, 2018
"Beef Jerky Bouquets FTW"
The Manly Man Company Makes Edible Rose and Flower Bouquets Made with Beef Jerky
INSIDER - February 01, 2018
"The Manliest, Meatiest, Bouquet Ever"
The Manly Man Company's beef jerky flower bouquets are featured on the Food Network
The Food Network - February 01, 2018
"Rather than a bundle of blooms, you can now gift your groom a bundle of beef jerky."
A Beef Jerky Bouquet Is Exactly What Your Fiancé Needs While Wedding Planning
The Knot - February 13, 2018
"For a jerky-loving man or woman, this bouquet is way better than over-priced flowers."
14 Gifts for Your Food-Loving Valentine
Food & Wine - February 06, 2018
"The Manly Man Co. sells exquisitely crafted jerky flowers"
People Are Searching For A Very Specific Kind Of Bouquet This Valentine's Day
REFINERY 29 - February 08, 2018
"Not sure what to get your guy (or gal) for V-Day? Well, why not try a lovely bouquet of beef jerky?"
Valentine’s Day Is Coming, So Why Not Snag a Beef Jerky Bouquet?
Rated Red - February 06, 2018
"Get your Valentine a real bouquet..... of beef jerky."
Meat flowers are here to give you the best Valentine's Day.
Thrillist - February 05, 2018
"Give him the MANLIEST, MEATIEST, Present Ever"
This Beef Jerky Bouquet Is The Perfect Gift For Him
FOOD ENVY - February 03, 2018
"If you really want to do something different, how can you not start with a full bouquet… of beef jerky!"
How to Have the Most Unique Valentine's Day Dinner Ever
Food & Wine - February 02, 2018
"Beef jerky is a popular low fat and high-quality protein that has many benefits. We think these bouquets provided broadcasters with something fun and interesting to talk about on air."
Beef Checkoff celebrates Beef Jerky Day
BEEF Magazine - June 13, 2017
"He's debonair with a beef jerky bouquet, don't you think? We're celebrating #NationalJerkyDay (a day early)"
National Beef Jerky Day 2017
Heather Mills, NBC News Las Vegas - June 11, 2017
"Look at this "beautiful" meat bouquet we got for National Jerky Day! Can you tell who's the jerky fan in this trio?"
National Beef Jerky Day 2017
Shauna Parsons, FOX 12 Oregon - June 12, 2017
"A beef jerky bouquet to celebrate National Beef Jerky Day on Monday. Anyone want to help me eat it?!"
National Beef Jerky Day 2017
Brian Shields, ABC News Orlando - June 09, 2017
What Our Customers Are Saying
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"You have solved a question I frequently ask myself: 'Is it weird to send men flowers?' Answer: not anymore."
~ Happy client in DC
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"He got it and loved it! Thanks for working with me. I've been telling everyone about it and the great customer service. Wishing you much luck! "
~ Zena, The Daily Dish, A Restaurant & Catering Company
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Thanks for a great MANLY gifting product. You guys "get" it! I don't think I've ever sent a better gift or got a better response EVER! You guys kick ass! Love love loved it!"
~ De'Cha LaVeau
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"The BEST most AWESOME gift for any occasion!!"
~ Every man's stomach