Man Bouquets

Our man bouquets are the perfect flowers for men. All "Broquets" arrive assembled.

How were men so hard to shop for but so easy to please? It's because the perfect gift was yet to be created until our arrangements came along.

Popular Add-Ons

Make your order manlier with popular add-ons such as a Meat Card™ that is laser engraved with your message, an individually serialized The Official MAN CARD (Bottle Opener), or The Beer Bundle which includes a bag of draft ale beef jerky, man card bottle opener, and Manly Man Co. branded coaster.

Focused on the Experience

The optimal experience is always centric to the research and development process here at our secret underground laboratory, hidden deep inside a mountain. We want him to be "wowed" both when opening your gift and while enjoying the final product, to the extent that he and others watching cannot resist snapping photos to share on social media. This core approach is the reason why our beef jerky flower, beef jerky rose and bacon rose bouquets arrive pre-assembled in a custom-branded box that smoothly opens to reveal his present.

What is a Broquet?

While broquet is the word for nozzle in the Catalan language, in this case we are referring to a combination of the words bouquet + bro (pronounced "bro-kay").

Truly For Any Occasion

Our masculine arrangements and gift baskets are commonly given for a wide variety of occasions, whether a good situation such as a job promotion or a hopefully seldom bad occurrence when you care to express sympathy.