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Manly Flowers for Guys

Flowers for Men - the perfect gift for the man who deserves something unique and unforgettable. Our man blooms are not your average flowers - they're meaty, delicious, and designed with the rugged masculinity that defines the Manly Man Co. brand. Each bouquet is expertly arranged in a "vase" pint glass or beer mug and delivered in a custom branded box designed for maximum safety during transit.

At Manly Man Co., we know that sending flowers to men can be a bit unconventional, but that's precisely why it's such a great choice. It's unexpected, classy, and shows that you're willing to go the extra mile to make your recipient feel special. And with our manly blooms, you don't have to worry about whether your gift will be appreciated - our bouquets are designed specifically for men who appreciate the finer things in life.

Some may ask, "Is it weird to send men flowers?" Well, the answer is no. In fact, our masculine floral arrangements are the perfect way to show that special guy in your life how much you care. Plus, with our 100% edible creations, you can be sure that your gift won't go to waste.

If you're looking for the perfect alternative to traditional flowers, Manly Man Co.'s Flowers for Men collection is the answer. Our man bouquets are perfect for any occasion, from Father's Day to Valentine's Day, and everything in between. Whether you're celebrating a special milestone or simply want to show your appreciation, our man blooms are the perfect choice.

So why settle for boring, ordinary flowers when you can give the gift of manly blooms? With Manly Man Co.'s Flowers for Men collection, you can be sure that your gift will stand out and be remembered for years to come.

Is It Weird to Send Men Flowers?

Can you give a man flowers? To be blunt, it's kinda weird but kinda sweet and the difference all comes down to the recipient, followed by your relationship with him, so here are some pros and cons (let's start with the pros because we like good news):


  1. It's different. Men do not often receive bouquets.
  2. They are classy as heck
  3. May show you care deeply
  4. You're bold


  1. There is a reason women receive bouquets more than males... woman like them more... much more.
  2. Machismo men may have a knee-jerk reaction
  3. He may not want anyone to see

What Do You Give a Guy Instead of Flowers?

The answer is flowers, but not the kind you're likely thinking. If our cons were a little dramatic, sorry, but why not play it safe, be different, show how darn thoughtful you are and give the gift he'll be spamming social media with?¬†Masculine floral arrangements from The Manly Man Company¬ģ are 100% edible... it's really a "no-brainer." Why send him¬†a flower delivery that will die within a week, when you can give him ours that are already dead? Aside from our edible creations the other type of flowers bros definitely love are Hibiscus flowers printed on their Hawaiian-themed board shorts.

Our man bouquets perfect choice if want to send dad flowers for Father's Day or send your man a bouquet for Valentine's Day. While the mentioned holidays are more obvious times when our products are popular, we are busy year around with occasions such as: anniversaries, birthdays, new jobs + promotions, weddings, sending condolences to express sympathy for situations such as funerals, and "get well" gifts for hospital patients or males recovering at home.

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