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The South African Beef Bouquet

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Elevate the art of gifting with The South African Beef Bouquet – an exquisite ensemble of South African tradition and artisanal flavors. This carefully crafted masterpiece combines the best of biltong craftsmanship in a captivating bouquet format, perfect for those who savor the finer things in life.

Bouquet Includes:

  • 4x Dröewors Biltong Sticks - Traditional (1 oz ea)
  • 4x Dröewors Biltong Sticks - Garlic and Herb (1 oz ea)
  • 4x Dröewors Biltong Sticks - Spicy (1 oz ea)

Every variation of the meat sticks is crafted exclusively from 100% GRASS FED & GRASS FINISHED BEEF. These meat sticks, commonly referred to as Droewors, stand apart from any conventional beef sticks you've experienced. The process begins by selecting the most premium beef cuts, which are expertly blended with four natural spices to create an unparalleled recipe. These intricately prepared sausages are then carefully hand-stuffed into casings, where they air-dry for over five days. The exclusion of artificial additives, paired with an unwavering dedication to pure spices, results in a beef stick that awakens your taste buds with its naturally explosive beef flavor.

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