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Anniversary Gifts By Year: Traditional Gifts For Every Man

Anniversary Gifts By Year: Traditional Gifts For Every Man

What's the best way to celebrate your yearly traditional wedding anniversary with your own Manly Man?! Look no further! You'll find here a few unique ideas to surprise him for any year. Just to name a few our Meat Cards can be personalized and are perfect for your 3 year anniversary. Some even use Meat Cards as a gift note! Another great traditional anniversary gift would be our Beef Jerky Flower Bouquets. What Manly Man wouldn't love to receive some edible flowers made out of delicious jerky?! It's your turn to buy him flowers! We also have different gift boxes that are great for any occasion. 



1st Anniversary: Paper

Make a card. Seems simple enough, right? Stop by Target and pick up some construction paper, glue, markers, and even glitter if you’re bold. Draw, paint, cut and glue like you’re a child again and recreate a memorable moment from your relationship. 

2nd Anniversary: Cotton 

Cotton is the tradition for your secondary anniversary! It represents threads being interwoven, like how your lives have become. You are now interconnected, and move with each other. Like fabrics woven from cotton, you become flexible and move and flow with each other as time goes on.

3rd Anniversary: Leather 

Leather is strong and represents the shelter and security you have built together. The work and effort it takes to hunt and skin an animal and to create strong leather represents the hard work it took to create this shelter to protect your marriage.

What better way to show your appreciation than by getting them a personalized jerky! Meat Cards are a fun and unique way to celebrate your 3rd year leather anniversary. You can personalize the message and even eat it after!


4th Anniversary: Fruit & Flowers

Traditionally, fruit and flowers have always been go-to gifts for your fourth anniversary. By now, your marriage has blossomed, and it may also have been fruitful these past 4 years! A ripe gift, or fully blossomed flowers represents this stage in your marriage.

Men deserve flowers too! Our Beef Jerky Bouquets are the perfect Manly Man Bouquet to gift for your 4 year anniversary. You won't find Manlier flowers than our Beef Jerky Bouquets!


5th Anniversary: Wood

Wood is the traditional 5th anniversary gift! The trees that wood comes from have sprouted strong roots to stay grounded. Your marriage is continually growing and together you can endure anything

Don't gift him a boring paper card! Send him an awesome personalized Wood Card for your traditional 5 year anniversary gift. Sometimes a paper gift card just doesn't cut it!

6th Anniversary: Iron

Iron is the traditional 6th anniversary gift. Iron as in a 9 iron or an iron like… to iron clothes? Hmm. A 9 iron might be a clever gift. Don’t even think about giving a clothes iron. Traditionally iron marks your strength… that will continue to hold you together.

7th Anniversary: Wool

Traditionally, wool is the gift to celebrate your 7th anniversary. It creates warmth and is cozy… just like where you are in your relationship.

8th Anniversary: Pottery

Pottery is the traditional gift for your 8th anniversary! Pottery starts as soft clay that you mold into a strong foundation just like your marriage.

9th Anniversary: Willow

Willow or Pottery: Don’t forget to add “tree” when you Google “willow.” Back then, it was a gift made from the branch, leaves… anything from the willow tree. A willow tree is flexible, flowy and moves with the wind-- much as your marriage should easily be able to do at this point.

10th Anniversary: Tin or Aluminum

Tin and aluminum is the traditional gift to celebrate 10 years together. Tin and aluminum are easily molded into what you want it to be. It is strong but flexible and can stand the test of time. It doesn’t rust, and neither does your marriage.

11th Anniversary: Steel 

Traditionally steel is the 11th anniversary gift. Each gift constantly reinforces the idea of how much stronger a marriage becomes year after year. It is one of the strongest metals, and it is also man-made. Steel is created with effort and hard work, it is not a metal found in nature-- just  like a strong marriage.

12th Anniversary: Silk or Linen

Traditionally, the 12th anniversary gift for someone who’s been with you through it all is silk or linen. Gift your partner for life with, not just linen bed sheets, but an entire bed set-- one that the two of you will share together for decades to come.

13th Anniversary: Lace

Traditionally, lace represents the beauty of the sanctity of marriage. Lace is beautiful from far away, but especially up close when you can see the intricate weaving and embroidery on that lace. Just like a good marriage, not only is it beautiful from afar, but up close, every piece of it is delicately held together.

14th Anniversary: Ivory

Once a precious resource, we do not condone buying, selling or gifting ivory. This is one traditional gift we are happy has died. If you would still like to keep tradition in this year’s anniversary, consider elephant themed gifts.

15th Anniversary: Crystals

Once upon a time, crystal was the traditional gift to celebrate your 15 years together. Crystals are pure substances found naturally in the earth, whose molecules are arranged in a specific order. It represents clarity and transparency. 

16th Anniversary: Wax

The traditional 16th anniversary gift is wax. The first thing that may come to your mind is candles. Humans have been using wax candles as far back as the neolithic era. Candles represent the flame that will continue to burn through the years.

Since wax is the traditional 16th anniversary gift check out our Manly Man Beer candles. They look just like his favorite drink!


17th Anniversary: Wine

Wine has been a staple delicacy as long as man has been alive. It is a luxury and is one of the most important drinks to celebrate with. Gifting wine helps remind each other on this anniversary to celebrate your love like you celebrated on the day you married.

18th Anniversary: Porcelain

Porcelain is strong but delicate just like your marriage. Your marriage has been going on a strong 18 years. However, this doesn’t mean you are set for life, and you still need to handle it with care. Porcelain represents this year so well.

19th Anniversary: Bronze

Bronze is the traditional gift for your 19th anniversary! Bronze represents the continuity of your growing relationship. It represents strength, but signifies that there is still room to grow.

20th Anniversary: China

China is the traditional 20th anniversary gift. China represents how delicate your relationship can be but how you have overcome it throughout the years. 

21st Anniversary: Brass/Nickle

Brass was believed to purify negative energy. Brass symbolizes clarity, growth, and joy.

22nd Anniversary: Copper

 Copper is a malleable metal that can be easily molded into shapes just like your relationship that you molded into a perfect fit for one another.  

23rd Anniversary: Silver Plate

The 23rd traditional anniversary gift is a silver plate. This represents your meals shared together

24th Anniversary: Opal

Opal can symbolize love and hope for the future. The perfect 24th traditional wedding anniversary gift to represent how far along your relationship has come and hope for many more years.

25th Anniversary: Silver

Silver represents your shining love. A quarter century together definitely calls for a beautiful and shiny silver gift. 

26th Anniversary: Art

27th Anniversary: Music

28th Anniversary: Linens

29th Anniversary: Tools

30th Anniversary: Pearls

31st Anniversary: Timepieces

32nd Anniversary: Lapis Lazuli

33rd Anniversary: Amethyst

34th Anniversary: Food

35th Anniversary: Coral

36th Anniversary: Antiques

37th Anniversary: Books

38th Anniversary: Luck 

39th Anniversary: Laughter

40th Anniversary: Ruby

41st Anniversary: Topaz

42nd Anniversary: Clocks/Watches

43rd Anniversary: Travel

44th Anniversary: Electronics

45th Anniversary: Sapphire

46th Anniversary: Poetry

47th Anniversary: Garden/Plants

48th Anniversary: Optical

49th Anniversary: Copper

50th Anniversary: Gold

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