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The Science of Jerky: Why Does it Last So Long?

The Science of Jerky: Why Does it Last So Long?

Jerky is a popular snack food, particularly among hikers, campers, and athletes. However, what sets jerky apart from other types of meat is its longevity. Jerky can last for months, even years, without spoiling. This makes it a great option for emergency food supplies and long trips.

So, what is the science behind jerky’s long shelf life? The key is in the dehydration process. Jerky is made by removing moisture from meat, which in turn slows down the growth of bacteria that can cause spoilage. This is typically achieved through a combination of salt and heat. The salt draws moisture out of the meat, while the heat kills off any bacteria that may be present.

The type of meat used to make jerky can also affect its shelf life. Lean meats, such as beef or turkey, are best suited for making jerky, as they contain less fat, which can spoil more quickly. Additionally, the thickness of the meat slices can impact the drying time, and thus the overall shelf life of the jerky.

Another factor to consider is the storage of jerky. Properly stored, jerky can last for several months. It should be kept in an airtight container, such as a resealable bag or container with a tight-fitting lid. It should also be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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