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Manly Boss's Day Gifts for Men

Get in his good books and spoil your boss with these manly gifts. Let's get real, he's got enough paperweights and pen holders. It's time to get manly with these memorable gifts for your boss.

You may not be his favorite BUT, we can help with that. These manly gifts are the perfect way into your boss's heart. Think that's a great idea? How about this: It's boss day and he's been given pot plants, pen holders, paperweights, chocolates and that super fancy pen he has about ten of already. Wait... amongst all that sh*t is a beautiful meaty beef jerky bouquet! WOW! Who was smart enough to bring such a unique and tasty gift? YOU. You were that smart guy who made boss day memorable. Aaaaah it's tough being a genius.


Absolutely! Get these beauties delivered directly into the hands of your newly discovered best work buddy!