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Public Relations

  • What is your brand?
    • Manly Man Co. is a veteran-owned, small business located in sunny southern california, where our headquarters is home to our in-house: customer service, order fulfillment + certified kitchen.
  • Brand mission/message:
    • We’re on a mission to save you the time and frustration when searching for a unique and intriguing gift men will love! It won’t be re-gifted like other gifts (he likely doesn’t need any more pajamas). You will both experience the ultimate excitement when gifting this to him.
  • Why are you the best gift for Father's Day ever (above any competition)?
    • We have VERY unique gifts at every price point, all of our products are made here in house.
  • Price range of gifts: 
    • $25-$125
  • What is the commission rate you are offering? 
    • We offer 10% commission.
  • Do you offer any discounts for Father's Day?
    • While we can't offer a general discount on our Man Bouquets during the peak season, we can provide an excellent deal on our Beef Jerky Trimmings. Each bouquet we make results in a substantial amount of Beef Jerky Flower Trimmings, which we bag up and sell as premium jerky. Given our focus on bouquet production, especially for Father’s Day, we can offer these trimmings at an unbeatable price. Our best promotion is “the MOTHERLOAD”, which includes 15 bags of 3oz jerky at 51% off. This promotion doesn't require a coupon and will be available through June. It brings the consumer price to $3.69 per 3oz bag, which is below the wholesale prices of all other brands

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