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The Alibi

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Let Manly Man Co. take the heat from the Dad if you have left Father’s Day until the last minute.  Add to any gift, with your choice of alibi:

  • Drug Sniffing Dog: "It was intercepted by a drug sniffing dog who ate it…. so we had to make another."
  • Murder Hornets:  "Murder hornets and train derailments caused some unforeseen delays."
  • The Mailman: "We gave it to the mailman (Steve), he thought it was a gift for him and ate it…. so we had to make another."
  • Extra Manly: "We spent some additional time making it ‘extra manly for you’ and that (of course) takes a few more days."
  • Pigeons: "Turns out carrier pigeons are not as reliable as they used to be, which burned a few days before we tried using FedEx."
  • Ice Storm: "The record setting ice storm in the Midwest this week got in the way."
  • Hide & Seek: "Adam from our shipping team was playing hide and seek with your package, and we couldn’t find it for a few days."
  • Calendar Prank:"Someone keeps pranking us by changing the dates on our calendars so everything is late now. We think it’s Adam from the warehouse."
  • Shipping Delay: "Unforeseen national shipping delays delayed it several days."

Your alibi will be printed as:

"Sorry [RECIPIENT FIRST NAME] It’s totally our fault, your package is arriving late. [CUSTOMER FIRST NAME] had reserved your Father's Day gift months ago. But [ALIBI]"

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