Manly Man Beef Jerky Bouquets Shown on TV Stations for National Jerky Day 2017

We are absolutely honored that our Manly Man Beef Jerky Flower Bouquets were shown live on TV stations across the country and posted to their social media on June 12th for National Jerky Day. We can't thank Hillary Makens of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association enough.

  1. Brian Shields on ABC’s WFTV in Orlando, Florida 

WFTV host Brian Shields holding a broquet(via Facebook)

  1. Kristen Currie on KRQE in Albuquerque, New Mexico

KRQE host Kristen Currie biting a beef jerky flower (via Facebook)

  1. Shauna Parsons on Fox’s KPRC in Portland, Oregon 

KPRC host Shauna Parsons smelling a man bouquet(via Facebook)

  1. Heather Mills on NBC’s News3LV in Las Vegas

News3LV host Heather Mills holding a pint glass(via Twitter)

  1. Super Carlin Brothers on YouTube

YouTube personalities the Super Carlin Brothers preparing to bite a man bouquet(via Instagram)