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Bacon Gift Boxes

When people say the way into a man's heart is through his stomach they forget to mention that it's through their stomach WITH bacon gift boxes. Bet you didn't know that was the secret all along!

What you are seeing is bacon at its very best. Just when you thought it couldn't get better, we made bacon beautiful! That's right, it's crispy, meaty deliciousness has reached all-new levels of beauty. The men in your life will love you forever if you spoil them with our little boxes of bacon glory.


There has never been a day in our lives that we thought; today we don't want bacon. In fact, every gift that we have ever received that didn't have bacon made us think; this would be better with bacon. The good news is that the men in your life don't have to think their gift would be better with bacon.. give the manly men in your life the best bacon gift box of their dreams for any occasion and they'll be spreading greasy smiles around for days.


We strongly suggest buying two. Otherwise, all your man will get on his special day is a bacon-flavoured kiss...

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