Bacon Rose Bouquets

Nothing says love like a bacon rose bouquet. Yes, it is as good as it sounds. These arrangements including our one dozen stemless, maple candied bacon roses dipped in either dark chocolate or caramel, will win you serious brownie points! COVID-19: Bacon Roses are unavailable until couriers offer consistent expedited shipping during warmer months. Please sign-up for our email newsletter, located near the bottom of our home page for availability updates.
There is no comparison between our signature bacon rose bouquets compared to DIY projects many people bake at home because each rose in our bouquets are much larger by comparison and clearly different in regards to both taste and texture by being partially crunchy like traditional bacon but also chewy, being that each flower is made using bacon jerky. Furthermore, no intriguing, unique, thoughtful gift provides the best experience possible for the recipient without and amazing presentation, made possible by our custom-branded box, that is also custom-designed so the lid slides away from the tray which holds the roses, to achieve the most epic gifting experience. Checkout our entire line of roses for men if you are interested in another type of masculine, edible floral arrangement such as beef jerky roses.