Manly Gift Baskets For Men

These manly gift baskets for men are the perfect gift for any occasion. Because the men in your life need to feel valued and you're just the person for the job to gift it to him.

Items to Put in A Basket for Guys

If you are shopping for masculine gift boxes, there are plenty of options out there to choose based on his interests, whether he plays golf or is the avid cocktail enthusiast who enjoys learning new concoctions. However, even if he likes the present you chose and is impressed you are thoughtful enough to buy a present in-line with his specific passions, most adults have too many "things." Your gift may not end up at the bottom of his closet but is not unlikely to be set aside somewhere, forgotten and not used regularly, if ever. Thankfully categories of gift sets exist that have necessary utility for obvious reasons mentioned below.

2 Types Likely to be Used:

  1. Edible - You really can't go wrong with edible gift baskets from The Manly Man Company® because what are the odds that snacks are not consumed within the first three days, if not hours? Men need to eat... a lot, so unless he is not a carnivore, it's pretty much a guarantee his gift will be put to good use. Furthermore, tasty food such as our gift sets that are available in different, uncommon jerky flavors and types will put him in a darn good mood... it's science.
  2. Toilet Spray - If not interested in food gifts, toilet spray a.k.a poop spray is another type of present that is also pretty much guaranteed to be used because as you know… everyone poops. We offer sets made by the most popular “before you go” spray brand Poo-Pourri. The size of bottles in their packages are perfect for leaving in an open area such as on top of your toilet for guests to use.

Looking To Do It Yourself With A Homemade Set?

Whether your reason for wanting to build a masculine present yourself is to enjoy a fun DIY project or because you are very particular about what goes inside, we also sell all items included our kits, separately. So browse our store to select a personalized assortment of items to place in a basket you already have.

Appropriate for Any Man

He doesn't just have to be your husband, boyfriend, fiancé, or man-servant. Platonic relationships including your: father, son, brother, boss, co-worker, employee, or friends are perfectly appropriate.