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Father's Day Beef Jerky Coupon Book

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100% Edible Customizable Coupon Book Made From Beef Jerky

This year give dad a gift he will use... a free power tv time... free activity of his choice.  Each page is fully customizable and makes a great gift for the entire family.  To redeem, Dad must rip out a beef jerky coupon and eat it in front of his kids.

Each page is made from a sheet of original smokehouse flavor beef jerky laser etched with your coupons of choice.  The cover can be customized with up to 4 kids' names.  The binding is made from sausage casing.  Available in 6 or 8-page versions.  This carnivorous coupon book gives Dad something to talk about (and chew on.)


  • Cover Page: Customizable with up to 4 kids' names
  • 5-7 Coupon Pages: Customizable or use some of our favorites:
"Free Lazy Day"
"Free Activity of Dad's Choice"
"Free King of the Remote for a Day"
"Free Power Nap"
"Free Car Wash"
"Free Day of No Kids Whining"
"Free Movie Night (Dad's Choice"


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