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Wall of Infamy: Best Naughty / Dirty Cards Sent by Customers

Epic naughty gift messages sent on Meat Cards™ by ACTUAL CUSTOMERS, were selected to be enshrined for eternity in...

The Manly Man Company's Official Gift Message Wall of Infamy

The following is an ever-growing selection of "poetry" sent for various occasions, including: Valentine's, Father's Day, Christmas, Anniversaries, Birthdays, and more. While we promote the slogan "Win Any Occasion!" and many of our products are wildly popular as bosses gifts, attaching one of these messages as a gift note to a colleague may book you a one-way ticket to HR. Many other creative "meat messages" were sent by our amazing customers and some hilariously inappropriate messages sent by customers were too HOT to feature:

  • Hope you love this meat as much as I do yours… I love you!
  • To the guy with the best meat around. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, “Jane Smith”
  • Baby, I love your meat
  • I like my meat rubbed
  • I thought it was your turn to finally put some meat in your mouth, babes
  • Miss you, your face and your “meat”. Hope to see you again soon. <3 kisses
  • Can’t wait to give your beef a little jerky later! XOXO, “Jane Smith”
  • Can we exchange meats?!
  • Because I love your meat! ;) Happy Valentine's Day!
  • Hope you enjoy eating my meat ;)
  • I love you and your meat! Happy Valentine’s Day
  • XOXO show me the meat.
  • You have my favorite meat!
  • I can’t wait to have your meat for the rest of my life. Love you always!
  • Meat for my meat castle
  • Lick me then eat me!!
  • Thanks for all the orgasms
  • I hope you like my meat in your mouth as much as I like yours in mine!

A basic gift message is provided at no extra charge, but Meat Cards™ provide the that jaw-dropping "wow-factor" greeting card experience to help you win the occasion!  Don’t miss out on being ridiculously awesome!!  Click here to add a Meat Card™

We'd love to hear what your favorite "meat message" is or any of your unique one-liners in the comments below.

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