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Manly Promotion Gifts For Men

He is absolutely crushing it at work and you simply have to congratulate him with  manly promotion gifts for men! These original presents will help celebrate all his hard work paying off.

Outside of our major holidays such as Valentine's and Father's day, promotion gifts for men and gifts to send men at work are arguably two of the most popular year-round occasion when people gift our innovative creations. In general, it does not take much thought when shopping for a promotion gift for women— flowers are always a safe choice and decorating an associate’s office or cubicle with balloons and banners are often a great complementary touch to pair with the main congratulations present. However discovering unique promotion gifts for men is often more challenging, because sure, you could give him golf balls, but the problem is that not all men golf. Shopping for a thoughtful gift to congratulate male subordinates, peers, bosses, fiends, or your significant other, are difficult. That is, until we innovated edible man bouquets, branded specifically for him. For example, our beef jerky bouquets are wildly popular because the presentation of flower petals mounted on long stems provides a look similar to traditional flower bouquets. However, we are personally major fans of our full dozen bouquets of stemless, maple candied bacon roses, dipped in either dark chocolate or caramel. Furthermore the quality is so much beyond the basic DIY bacon roses you can make at home. For example, each rose is much larger in comparison, due to being made with thick cut bacon jerky, which provides a unique taste and texture that is somewhat crispy like regular bacon but also chewy like jerky. Aside from being dipped in either dark chocolate or caramel in our commercial grade fondues, our branded box is custom designed so the lid slides away from the tray to optimize the unveiling experience when gifted. Two major add-ons are sure to elevate the unique offering of our promotion fits for him which are individually serialized Man Card Bottle Openers and Meat Cards™. Our Meat Cards™ are the most popular among these two add-ons because each is laser-etched to shape and also laser engraved with your custom message, using our in-house laser machines that we spent an obscene amount of resources investing in.

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